500 Auto Navigation - First use

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First use

To switch on the navigation device for the first time, slide the main
power switch to the right.

When you are asked to calibrate the screen, tap and briefly press the
displayed crosshair with your finger. Repeat this as the crosshair moves
around the screen. To calibrate the screen later, see “System,” p. 23.

When you are asked to select the language, tap the desired language

. The language is used for display texts and spoken navigation


Carefully read and accept the displayed safety notice, and tap the right
arrow. (To hide this screen in the future, tap the related selection box.)

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G e t s t a r t e d




application starts and the map view is displayed. Now you

can start to use the device.

Next, set the time and date. See “Adjust device settings,” p. 22.

To pair and connect the navigation device with a compatible mobile
phone using Bluetooth wireless technology, see steps 2 to 5 in “Set up
Bluetooth connection,” p. 14.

When you are asked to download the contacts from your phone to the
navigation device, tap


to start the download. If you select


, you

cannot use the contacts saved in your phone with the navigation device.
In this case, to download the contacts later, press the menu key, and tap