500 Auto Navigation - 4. Navigator

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4. Navigator

The navigation device has an internal GPS receiver that you can use to
detect your current position and for turn-by-turn navigation.

When you switch on the device, the map view of the


application is displayed. To use navigation, press the menu key, and tap


. Alternatively, tap


The device receives signals from a number of GPS satellites to determine
your current position. For GPS satellite navigation, place the device in a
location with an unobstructed view to the sky.

Establishing a GPS connection may take from a couple of seconds to
several minutes. The connection time depends on how well the GPS
receiver can receive satellite signals. Establishing the connection takes
longer if you have not used GPS for several days or are very far away
from the last location you used it.

If the quality of the GPS connection is good, is displayed. If the
connection is not good enough for navigation, is displayed; in this
case, check that the device has an unobstructed view to the sky.

To copy navigation files to the memory card, see “DVD,” p. 8. Copy all the
navigation files to the Cities folder.