500 Auto Navigation - Navigate to an address

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Navigate to an address

To search for an address to which you want to navigate, press the menu
key, and tap






. To select the country,

city (or postal code), street, and house number (optional), tap the fields
one by one, and enter the information in this order using the displayed

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N a v i g a t o r


When you use the keypad, you can only tap the keys that lead to a
search result; other keys are inactive. To delete the last character, tap


. You can enter characters until you have narrowed down the search

to only one result, or you can tap

and the desired address on the list.

To scroll through the list, tap the up or down arrow. To narrow down the
search, tap


When you have found the address, tap

in the

Find address


and tap the desired option. You can navigate to the address, add it to a
route (


), save it as a bookmark, or view it on the map.