500 Auto Navigation - General settings

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General settings

You can define how the device reacts to TMC messages, set the average
speed for the speed limit warner, select a voice for navigation
instructions (


), select the distance unit, and view the version of




To define how the device reacts to TMC messages, tap the TMC icon
until the desired option is displayed. If you select


, the device

automatically guides you to the suggested alternate route around the
traffic incidents on your route. If you select


, the device alerts

you about traffic incidents and asks if you want to use an alternate
route. If you select


, the device shows traffic information but does

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N a v i g a t o r


not suggest an alternate route. See also “Traffic information (TMC),”
p. 34.

To select a male or female voice for navigation instructions, tap


and the desired voice. (To select the language, see

“Language,” p. 22.) In some languages, you can select a text-to-speech
skin (indicated with "TTS") that allows you to hear street names, house
numbers, names of motorway exits, and city names during navigation.
When you select a text-to-speech skin, voice instructions are longer.