500 Auto Navigation - In-call options

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In-call options

You can use some call functions during a call. The available functions
are shown in an in-call options screen that is displayed when you start a

To minimise the in-call options screen, for example, to view the map,
press the menu key during a call. To open the in-call options screen, tap


You can use the following functions during a call:

• To mute the microphone during a call, tap

Micro off

. To unmute, tap

Micro on


• To switch a call from the navigation device to your compatible

mobile phone, tap

To phone

. Some devices may close the Bluetooth

connection until the call ends.

To switch the call back to the navigation device, tap

To handsfree

, or

use the relevant function on your phone.

• To send DTMF tones (for example, a password) during a call, tap


. Tap the characters that you want to send as tones. This is a

network service. For availability, contact your service provider.