500 Auto Navigation - Watch video clips

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Watch video clips

To open a video folder, tap

and the desired folder. To scroll through

the videos, tap



To select a video to watch, tap it. You can select several videos if you
want. (To deselect a video, tap it.) To select all the videos in the current
folder and its subfolders, tap

. (To deselect, tap

.) To return to the

upper menu level, tap


To watch the selected video or videos, tap


When the video is playing, you can do the following:

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V i d e o p l a y e r


• To pause playing, tap

. To resume playing, tap

. To stop playing,

tap .

• To play the next or previous video, tap



• To view the video in full screen or to return to normal view, tap the


• To play the video continuously, tap

. The icon turns green. To play

the video only once, tap the same icon. The icon turns white.

To return to the previous screen, tap


To close the video player, tap


To go to


, press the menu key.

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I m a g e v i e w e r