500 Auto Navigation - View images

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View images

To open an image folder, tap

and the desired folder. To scroll through

the images, tap



To select an image to view, tap it. You can select several images if you
want. (To deselect an image, tap it.). To select all the images in the
current folder and its subfolders, tap

. (To deselect, tap

.) To return

to the upper menu level, tap


To view the selected image or images, tap


When the image is displayed, you can do the following:

• To zoom in the image, tap

. To zoom out, tap


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I m a g e v i e w e r


• To view the image in full screen, tap

. Tap the left side of the

image to view the previous image or the right side to view the next

To return to normal view, tap the middle of the image.

• To rotate the image by 90 degrees, tap


• To view images as a slide show, select several images, and tap

. To

return to normal view, tap the displayed image.

To delete an image from the memory card, tap

in the image screen,

the image that you want to delete, and


To return to the previous screen, tap


To close the image viewer, tap


To go to


, press the menu key.

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